Lyrics to Classic Mardi Gras Song

If Ever I Cease to Love -- Single 

Marco & Ellie team up with vocals and world percussion to re-create an old classic love song that magically became the Mardi Gras theme song for the city of New Orleans. "If Ever I Cease to Love" is a song that is dear to the heart of every New Orleanian.

I first sang "If Ever I Cease to Love" when I was about six years old in front of my entire elementary school; we staged a school parade and dragged our homemade shoebox floats around the school yard. To me, this song is the very essence of Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Carnaval around the world--it embodies love, sweetness, playfulness, humor, wit, and a wild silly sense of fantasy.  It is with a deep sense of fulfillment and love to have the opportunity to record this song with my life time soul partner and co-creator--Marco


  1. Charming! And Ellie has such a lovely voice. Time to book my passage South...

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